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Isle of the midnight Sun

This challenge is to create a 5 generation legacy on a deserted island, they are only allowed to travel to each of the world adventures destinations once. Founder and her husband Angelica and Farouk Mata, already died. Here is the current household.

Bethany Mata

2)Good Sense of Humor

LTW-Illustrious Author


Yves Mata From France

3)Natural Cook

LTW-Master Magician 
Sorry Yves this is not going to happen on a deserted Island

Darlene Mata

1)Couch Potato
4)Easily Impressed


Burgular on the Island last night!

No match for Yves

but in the end I had to reset the burgular because the cops can not get across the water to pick up the criminal

Glitch photo-



This is our founder, Miss Holly Wood.  She is a Libra, likes to listen to Pop Music, her favorite food is Falafel and her favorite color is Lilac.  Her Lifetime Wish is to be surrounded by Family


  1. Star Quality (Family Trait)
  2. Family Oriented
  3. Virtuoso
  4. Ambitious
  5. Workaholic

Previously I mentioned that I hated building and would be moving her into her into a house instead of an empty lot.  I do understand that the empty lot is to ensure our founder has primitive beginnings however this seems pretty primitive to me:

House was furnished with only the basics and Holly lost her toilet and one lighting fixture to a burglar.  I am not keeping a score card for this legacy and I will not use money cheats or any other cheats.  I guess in a way this is a cheat against the challenge but building houses stresses me out and why should I do it when the nice folks at EA have already done it for me.

Money was still a big problem for Holly.   I play the game by giving my sims their wants unless of course its something that is completely wrong for the challenge.  I figured an Ambitious Workaholic would roll the want for a job; however it took 7 sim days for that to happen.  In fact her only want for the first 7 sim days was to get married which was not easy.

At first it looked like Holly would be marrying Conner Frio, however right before she could call him to come over for a nice dinner date where she would pop the question, I get the notice that he knocked up Emma Hatch and the two had a shotgun wedding.  Oh well time to move on and Holly did.  I checked her Relationships to find our next eligible Bachelor who was paparazzi Brady Ludwig.  Chasing down Paparazzi is not that easy, you call him over and poof he is gone in the next couple of minutes.  It was some work but eventually Holly did win him over and they were married in a private ceremony.  I actually like to do the bachelorette parties and weddings but with this guy running away all the time I figured it was best just to get him married in and start on the family right away.  This is where we are at right now.

On my next post:

Pictures of Brady will be posted.  I uploaded most of my screenshots wrong and lost them somehow which only left me with the first two I took.  That accounts for the lack of pictures in this blog entry.  I promise more for tomorrow.


For years I have been a sim fanatic and have played almost every version since Sims 1 was introduced.  I was a big fan of the online version and played a character named Marissa Rose from July 2003 until EA shut the game down in 2008.   After TSO was closed I needed to find another way to have fun with my sims and that is when I discovered the legacy challenge.  The problem was I was not having much luck with this challenge; however I knew someday I would be able to complete it

While playing Sims 2 all of my legacies were doomed to fail because of game bugs and glitches and computer breakdown.  The highest I ever got was 5 generations in Sims 2.  If I only played the main house I might have finished one but I was always the type of person who wanted to see my spares as well as the heirs live their sim life.  Soon it became clear I was going to have a tough time but then Sims 3 and story progression was announced.  I thought this was the answer to my problem and I was right however I did need to install the story progression mod to have it work properly.

I can proudly say that I have brought a family to generations in Sims 3 but I do not have any proof of this because the story is unpublished.  After the loss of my 5th generation family and the time I put into the story being completely lost I vowed I would not write another story until I was able to do one family straight to the end.  That has now finally happened!  I am sorry I didn’t take pictures or document anything for that family as I did care for the characters but now I am going to start a new legacy and this time it will be published.

This legacy will be using some special rules and have a theme.  I have been using a baby name book to name my sims and I found a special list in it, the names that the stars have given their children and that gave me an idea for a legacy.  My founder will be named Holly Wood and I will be following the names on the list in the book until all names have been used.  This will be a matriarchy with each generation will have at least 3 generations and the family trait will be star quality.  I also am making a rule that I must do as many of the different life time wishes as possible, without duplicating any with the exception of a spouse.  My heir’s I can control but spouse’s LTW I cannot control.  I will be using houses already built in game because I am a terrible builder plus I hate building houses.

So now onto our Story….